Rosfest 2018

Held in Gettysburg PA May 4-6 2018, this year's event will go into the record books as one of the most amazing weekends in the 14 year history of the event.
From the technical virtuosity of Special Providence to the raw emotion of Flor de Loto and songcraft of Valdez, from youngsters Lines in the Sky to legends Brand X and PFM, 2018 Rites of Spring Festival had it all!

Individual band reviews wont do justice to the totality of the event (and I'm a lousy note-taker anyway). Very simply put, every band came to play. In the prog world where most groups play clubs of varying size and levels of attendance, performing on a large stage with top level sound & lights and an audience of 5-600 is the gig of a lifetime - and it showed. As the weekend rolled on, the connection between musicians and audience grew to a point where it was difficult to discern who was performing for whom.
Simply incredible

Check out our photos of this astonishing and memorable weekend!

Flor de Loto
District 97
Brand X
Cell 15
Perfect Beings
Barock Project
Lines in the Sky
Flor de Loto
Special Providence