Kaipa – Angling Feelings

By Mark Elliot & Martin Clarke – “Those Men”

Kaipa are a 6 piece “progressive, fusion, folk, rock” band from Sweden who really know what they are doing. Their latest album “Angling Feelings” is a very tight, modern sounding masterpiece with all the elements of light, shade, complexity and melody more than apparent and moreover, in abundance.

The title track hits you like a brick on the head, with very pacey and complex 5/4 timing you aren’t really sure what’s happening next. Track 2 “The Glorious Silence Within” is a beautiful song with a fantastic build up, this leads into “The Fleeting Existence of Time” which is an album in itself. Wow!

Track 4 is fab and track 5 “Liquid Holes in the Sky” has a wonderful string intro and a superb guitar solo to boot. Back uptempo with “Solitary Pathway” then track 7, “Broken Chords” with it’s unique sequencer rhythm and chord stucture. This one is the one for me. Fab guitar solo too. Track 8 “Path of Humbleness” is a kind of folk meets funk. Interesting this with some top drumming and a great vocal delivery. The last two songs round of a fascinating album.

Superb production, Superb music. Superb band and singers. My only complaint is that track 5 and 10 end a bit abruptly like the engineer ran out of tape or something, but hey, that’s prog!

Guitarist Per Nilsson gives a brilliant display of virtuority throughout whilst Hand Lundin’s keyboard playing gives a multi-textural feeling which brings the songs to life. Singers Aleena Gibson and Patrick Lundstrom do a stirling job throught the album with stark punchy vocal styles which compliment the energy of the band perfectly. Drummer Morgan Agren and bassist Jonas Reingold really play to the highest level to keep the energy in the music. All in all a faultless performance topped with some lovely whistles and recorders from Fredrik Lindqvist.

We hope they are all as good as this; We love this job. Fantastic!