Alberto Rigoni – Something Different

By Eduard Antoniu

Something DifferentThis is the first solo album of a 27 year old Italian bassist. Its length is comparable to that of your typical Gentle Giant album.

Track 1 “The Factory” is probably the best one on this album. Its ingredients are a Camel “Flight of the Snow Goose”-like opening, Genesis Abacab-minimalism, Satriani-like guitar on galloping bass, and even industrial experimentation.

Tracks 2 “Trying to Forget”, 6 “One Moment Before” and 10 “SweetTears” are bass solo gems.

Track 3 “Glory of Life” opens with Andy Latimer-like guitar. It soon turns into heavy riffs that remind of the “Red” era King Crimson and also in Andy Summers-like chords, all on sostenutto bass. The fade
away is like the intro to “It’s Gonna Get Better” from the Genesis album of 1983.

Track 4 “SMS” reminds of Phil Collins’s experiments with drum machines in the early ’80s.

Track 5 “BASSex” is one of the only two of this album that are also sung. It features Clare Ann Matz-like vocals.

Track 7 “Roller Coaster” is like Led Zeppelin meets a bit of Rammstein and a bit of Dream Theater with scat vocals.

Track 8 “Desert Break” is almost drums’n’bass with an unusual, bottleneck-like sound of percussion.

The title says it all for Track 9 “Jammin’ on Vocal Drums”.

Alberto Rigoni’s first solo album is, indeed, “Something Different”.