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  Link   GrayMortuary
My page @ Power of Prog.
  Link   MANTRAM
Mantram is my depurated musical language, a narrowed concept of my musical world that pursues the expression of my thoughts and soul in a more incisive way. I am very happy to share this after a year of silence...
  Link   Triangle Exception
Official website for indie progressive rock/experimental pop band Triangle Exception.
  Link   3RDegree
  Link   Three
  Link   Ricky Dean Fisher
This is the website of singer-songwriter Rick Fisher. Most recently, he sang back-up vocals on three tracks for Amaran's Plight. His song "Sunrise Child" and Hurricane" are inspired by YES and Pink Floyd, respectively.
  Link   Anton Roolaart
  Link   Ghost Circus
  Link   Amaran's Plight
  Link   Day of Reckoning
  Link   Brattlefly
  Link   Charlie Dominici
  Link   Balance of Power
  Link   My Disgrace
  Link   Slavior
  Link   Equinox
  Link   Accomplice
  Link   Divine Ruins
  Link   Crimson Sky
  Link   Rocket Scientists
  Link   Shadow Image
  Link   Mindwalk
  Link   Blackstar
  Link   Timeline
  Link   Allan Holdsworth
  Link   Fall of Echoes
  Link   Twin Fusion
  Link   Immortal Soul
  Link   Mindcage
  Link   Tiles
  Link   Cryptic Vision
  Link   Defiant
  Link   Queen August
  Link   Spectris
  Link   Prymary
  Link   Crimson Glory
  Link   Echoes of Eternity
  Link   Winds of Thor
  Link   Desecrator
  Link   Perestroyka
  Link   Mercury
  Link   Billy Sheehan
  Link   Edensong
  Link   Prism Theory
  Link   Phideaux
  Link   SAGE4
  Link   Odin's Court
  Link   Nutshell
  Link   Pull Chain
  Link   Just Karma
  Link   Dave Vance - solo
  Link   Gravity Tree
  Link   All Too Human
  Link   Glass Hammer
  Link   Burning in December
  Link   Concrete Prophet
  Link   Antithesis
  Link   Waking Hour
  Link   Perfect Symmetry
  Link   Starbreaker
  Link   Further From Failure (F3)
  Link   Echolyn
  Link   Atomic Odyssey
  Link   Scarz Within
  Link   Narcosis
  Link   Cwn Annwn
  Link   Reading Zero
  Link   Analog Missionary
  Link   Sectas
  Link   Spiraling
  Link   Anubis Spire
  Link   Pentwater
  Link   Subterranean Masquerade
  Link   Stride
  Link   Spastic Ink
  Link   Savatage
  Link   Queensryche
  Link   Pyramaze
  Link   Power of Omens
  Link   Planet X
  Link   Outworld
  Link   OSI
  Link   Nevermore
  Link   Minibosses
  Link   Magellan
  Link   Liquid Tension Experiment
  Link   Kamelot
  Link   Jelly Jam
  Link   Intronaut
  Link   Gordian Knot
  Link   Giant Squid
  Link   Galactic Cowboys
  Link   Enchant
  Link   Cynic
  Link   Behold...The Arctopus
  Link   Avian
  Link   Atheist
  Link   Artension
  Link   Aghora
  Link   Advent
  Link   Pinnacle
  Link   Alethian
  Link   Transient
  Link   King's X
  Link   Derek Sherinian
  Link   Dream Theater
  Link   Operatika
  Link   Neal Morse
  Link   Mike Portnoy
drummer for Dream Theater
  Link   Rudess/Morgenstein Project
  Link   Jordan Rudess
keyboardist for Dream Theater
  Link   Zero Hour
  Link   Frogg Cafe
  Link   Spock's Beard
  Link   Puppet Show
  Link   Starcastle
  Link   Izz
  Link   Krucible
  Link   Virgin Steele
  Link   Redemption
  Link   Circle II Circle
  Link   Shadow Gallery
  Link   Jon Oliva
  Link   Symphony X
  Link   Suspyre
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