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Charlie Dominici – 03 A Trilogy: Part One 8.7/10

By: JoshTurner

 Long before Charlie Dominici became a trooper within the potent Progressive Metal sect of the InsideOut alliance, he had an incredible vision. Predating the formulation of an official band, this material begged to be formed, shaped, and fashioned. So, he took hold of his acoustic and just like that, he had at it. This resulted in Part One of a tremendously-profound geo-political sci-fi thriller-trilogy.

Eventually, he discovered an immaculate set of talented Italian musicians who were in need of a serious singer. From there, he and his crew developed Part Two with all the bells and whistles accompanied by all the plugged-in instruments. Like Tuscan White Bean, this classic European pairing of roasted tomatoes and ripened legumes provides important antioxidants like lycopene and the missing fiber.

Looking back, there are only limited copies of Part One in circulation. Actually, he’s sold half of a lot that totals a mere 5,000. As he says, once they’re gone, they’re gone, and it’ll truly be a collector’s item. Not to mention, his wife is an awfully-staunch businesswomen who says no more promos for anyone, regardless of their relationship to him, or this will lead to famine. To get one, you’ll need timing on your side, and simply put, it’s a cold equation, because you’ll have no choice but to buy it.

Luckily, I got my hands on a copy while it was still piping hot, and it’s not at all what I expected. I thought this would be closer to a demo or at best a suite of unfinished baked goods. Instead, it’s quite colorful, compelling, and possibly even earth-shattering. Aside from Nick Barrett of Pendragon; I couldn’t imagine a solitary man and a lone guitar capable of producing such lush and introspective music.

While Part Two might be enhanced with electric wizardry, Part One could still be considered by a scientist such as Tesla to be mystical circuitry or the demonstration of a supernatural device. While the raw material is awesome, the application, the infrastructure, and without a doubt the singing, believe it or not, are just as impressive.

Likewise, the escalator between the floors takes us up another progressive level, so after you take it down a flight, take the soon-to-be-constructed elevator up to the apex. One can only wonder where he’ll take us next, and what he does differently in the imminent conclusion planned for Part Three.

Regardless, it is really the conceptual mutton that’s the most intriguing part of the parcel, and truthfully, the nub provides more than a nibble. In other words, the debut provides an interesting and essential back-story that makes the entire chronicle all the worthwhile.

Could you imagine Empire Strikes Back without A New Hope? Speaking of which, Part Two has a track by the same name in it, and if you become a fan and let this prospect slip, you’ll be constantly reminded of this lost opportunity well into the impending future.

Don’t even think twice. Get your copy today. Even if you could burn a copy or download a sample, there is potential history here to own by possessing the genuine article. You’d also be directly supporting one of the few forefathers of the Progressive Metal genre who is still in operation. Let’s not forget, he took a hiatus for many years, so we want him to know that he’s wanted. Maybe if this sells like hotcakes overnight, it will send him the message that his voice is greatly needed. Thus, the collective signal would urge him to continue in the universal struggle for better music.

Typically critics get free passes and on occasion, early pre-screenings. To let you know, I had to purchase my copy, and once I knew of its availability, I got online with the program and remitted payment quickly. If that’s not enough, I even took a break from vacation to make it happen. Take it from someone who knows. Your decision at this time is crucial.

He’s accepting orders now, so hurry. It’s only available while supplies last, and chances are that once you’ve read this review, his stockpiles will be on the verge of being wiped clean. As Harry Caray used to say, “Going! Going! Gone!”

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