Scale the Summit – Monument

By Mike Maher 

Scale the Summit is a Houston, Texas based progressive instrumental metal band.  It was formed in 2004 by guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier, and after adding bassist Jordan Eberhardt and drummer Pat Skeffington in 2005, the band released their first full length album, Monument as an independent record in 2007.  The band did a great job with the album, which has good sound and a big label worthy look to the packaging. Monument features 8 tracks of complex instrumentals, similar to Canvas Solaris or Liquid Tension Experiment (both bands are sited as influences), but with a more straight ahead, heavier edge.

I like the music, but as I sit here, I have a hard time differentiating one song from another.  It’s not simply that they all sound the same, because there are great melodies and shifts in each song, but I don’t see any songs jumping out at me as unique.  I feel like I’m being clubbed with a blunt instrument(al), and the heaviness is cool, but got turned off by what seems to be a lack of guitar solos.  I may be burnt out on instrumentals from the Canvas Solaris review I did last month, and I delayed this review for a long time so I could come at the music with fresh ears.  Whatever the reason, I just find the songs on Monument a bit repetitive.  Standout tracks for me were “Shaping the Clouds” and “Rode in on Horseback.”  If heavy, technical instrumentals are your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy this release.   I enjoyed the music and the musicianship, but the music was a bit too plodding for me.

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