Pagan’s Mind – God’s Equation

By Mike Maher 

God’s Equation is the 4th release from Norwegian progressive metal band Pagan’s Mind.  The band released their wonderfully received second album Celestial Entrance in 2002.  After following that one up with 2005’s mediocre Enigmatic Calling, the band has created another killer heavy and melodic album with God’s Equation.  All the members of Pagan’s Mind are involved in other projects (Jorn, Beautiful Sin, Eidolon to name just a few), and I think Enigmatic Calling suffered for that very reason.  Thankfully for the fans, the band seems to have gained a ton of experience playing in these other projects, and brought what they learned back to Pagan’s Mind.  This is the album that Pagan’s Mind fans have been waiting for.

God’s Equation has 11 tracks of kick ass metal.  Here are a few first impressions.  Outer space and mystical themes abound.  Vocalist Nils K. Rue sounds perfect.  Drummer Stian Kristoffersen must have the fastest legs in metal, because his double bass drumming is completely ridiculous in “Painted Skies.”  I’ve been told he did NOT use any drum triggers!  Jorn Viggo Lofstad can shred and plays with some great emotion here.  And let’s not forget the other low end player, Steinar Korkmo, who lays down a sweet bass sound, or keyboard player Ronnie Tegner who drips in that ethereal sound that is so central to Pagan’s Mind’s music.

The album opens with an instrumental track, “The Conception”, which I love.  It perfectly sets the stage for this album, almost as the band’s “Hello, we’re back!” announcement to the listener.  Title track “God’s Equation” is next and Pagan’s Mind shows its true form, rocking out while treating us to Rue’s melodic yet somewhat eerie vocals.  “United Alliance” is upbeat and has a catchy chorus.  “Atomic Firelight” is another shining spot for Rue, and the band sounds very tight.  This song is driven by Stian’s drumming so be sure to check it out. “Hallo Spaceboy” is a cool cover of the David Bowie original.  Jorn Viggo’s guitar sounds very heavy and Rue really gets his voice way up there.  “Evolution Exceed” is a solid track, and be sure to check out J. Viggo’s riffing on “Alien Kamikaze.”  “Painted Skies” is another solid track and be sure to listen for the stellar drumming I spoke about earlier.  “Spirit Starcruiser” is a guitar and vocal driven track with an epic feel to it.  J. Viggo is such a great guitarist, and I love his sound on this track!  It’s possibly my album favorite.  “Farewell” is a closer instrumental, which expands on the melodies of “The Conception” and drops a soulful guitar on you like anvil dropping on Wile E. Coyote.  Finally, we have “Osiris’ Triumphant Return,” aptly named both because it brings us back to the song “Through Osiris’ Eyes” from the breakthrough Celestial Entrancealbum and because it shows that the band has recaptured the glory and sound of that album, while expanding and maturing as musicians.  Call it the same but different.  I love it and you will, too.  The album will be released on Nov 9th in Europe and Jan 15th in the USA.

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