Magellan – Innocent God

By Keith Menser 

Based on the time of era and the style of music, these guys have made a great name for themselves to become one of the top progressive rock groups of today. MAGELLAN delivers a perfect album with Innocent God, from the compositions to the final production this is a complete package. I’d go as far to claim Innocent God to be one of their top titles to date and I believe any true Magellan fan would testify to these words. Every song is perfect in their own direction and vibe, and had this album been issued in the 70’s Magellan would have become a household name along with all the other prog rock pioneers (e.g., GENESIS, KANSAS, RUSH, YES, FLOYD, ELP, etc) without question.  This is the same pack of prog groups who inspired this group to exist today.   The group of course centers around the highly talented Gardnerbrothers along with the famous Robert Berry (ELP, 3, GTR), proving Magellan to be a powerhouse trio of stellar musicians.

Innocent God at times will remind one of a wonderful interpretation of Trevor Rabin’s Yes era mixed with a bit of Kansas, but this is not saying these guys are cloning by no means.  Instead as like most professional songwriters, Magellan uses early influences as building blocks and then stamp their personal signature into the music to complete an outstanding listening venture within each track overflowing with originality.

A highly sophisticated production helps these musical stories form their bold and powerful statement in every sense.   It seems clear ‘s focus this time around was to create majestic epic’s in a shorter time length with this gem, rather then the groups ‘trademark experimental’ long musical journeys they have built their reputation upon.  Innocent God contains seven well-arranged tracks that have all the hooks and melodies to keep even the non-proggers interested without losing Magellan’s natural elegant textures and colorful tones that we have come to know them for.

Upon a few open minded listens I discovered “Found” to be the standout tune thus far, a saga facing natural disasters and social suffering, placed on the theme of ethnics.     However all seven songs have the power to invade the listeners ears with its own special offering, filled with pure artistic imagination that balances accessible hooks to forged progressive movements.  Trent’s vocals are very strong in the melodic sense, his lyric writing seems to grow upon each album, and of course he is credited for all composing and handled the production duties, which is nothing new to Magellan’s history.

Magellan’s new studio efforts. Innocent God, comes complete with the dark haunting cover artwork by the one and only Mattias Noren and interesting layouts that frame a few deep photos, etc. The album is now available through Muse-Wrapped Records, LLC, so get out and pick up your copy today.  An indulging progressive listening pleasure for all!!!